Charitable Aims


Establishment of charity funds that provide support and charitable assistance. The HTN encourages institutions, individuals and the public and private sector to support and participate in donation as much as possible. The rich are satisfied with themselves to help the poor, the poor feel comfortable to cover their needs, and the barrier between the two sides is slowly breaking apart, and this benefits the community as a whole and the love and compassion spread among its members.

Improving the status of society and contributing to making individuals integrated into self-reliance development, participation in order to improve the conditions of society for the better.

Coordination with other charities and official and popular institutions to provide care for the poor, the needy, the orphans and the families, and provide the minimum requirements for life.

Reducing some undesirable phenomena such as begging. When the charity helps the poor and all those who can not work, such as the disabled and the elderly, they refrain from begging in the streets to cover their main needs.

Eliminate some of the problems that may exist in society such as illiteracy, ignorance and lack of awareness, as some associations open classes to eradicate illiteracy and raise funds for poor groups that can not go to schools.