Help the Needy Charitable Trust is an International humanitarian and development organisation, established in 1992 and registered with the charity commission of England and Wales in 1996, as an emergency relief and development organisation, we work on number of thematic areas around the world, including Education, Health, Livelihood and Sponsorship, Protection, Child Protection, Women Empowerment and seasonal projects.

Help the Needy Charitable Trust is dedicated to support the most vulnerable people regardless of race, ethnicity or religion. We endeavor to fulfill two important objectives; one is protecting life and dignity in times of emergencies and second is empowering communities through sustainable development.

Whats the Charity aims?

Help the needy Charitable Trust core focus continues helping Orphans, Widows and Vulnerable people. Our aim is to support the least fortunate people worldwide, enabling communities to live with dignity, as well as having social and economic justice. Our long term focus is that, they become self reliant.

We continue to strive to achieve the above aims and to empower and enable vulnerable and destitute women and children through means of shelter, food, primary healthcare and education.

Who benefits from our charity's work?

Over the years Help The Needy supported underprivileged and deprived people worldwide such as widows, orphans, street children, disabled and vulnerable men and women.

Help The Needy since inception has been proud to work in the charity field to serve thousands of needy people in different countries with no different between ethical, raise or sex. Our mission continues to tackle poverty and bring a semblance of normality to live of the orphans, widows and families who are affected by natural disaster and chronic poverty.

How do we respond to their needs and how do they influence the charity's development?

Help The Needy always thrive working to combat global poverty and respond effectively with culturally diverse people in need and co-workers. We involve all beneficiaries at every stage of the project life cycle and we practice community engagement, clear communication sharing the leadership and effective decision making are at heart of our charitable work.

Help The Needy always pride its worldwide development without who's contributions; the great success wouldn't be possible without the support across the world. It is a pride to stand beside the people who deserve support and for this we are thankful towards every individual, philanthropist and organisation who inspire us and continue to support to serve the distressed humanity.

The charity's objectives and achievements

What were your charity's main annual objectives and were they achieved?

Objective Achievement
Promote and embed Help The Needy's Vision, Mission and Values Ensure the organisation's Vision and Mission statement is understood and shared across the organisation and develop and organisational culture that reflects Vision and Mission of the Help The Needy.
Develop an appropriate infrastructure for the Help The Needy
- Review organisational structure and job description.
- Review recruitment and staff retention process currently in place.
- Recruit staff as appropriate.
- Ensure HR practice are in line with statutory requirements.
Develop and establish financial systems and procedures
- Implement financial management policies and procedures.
Market our products and services through an effective communication startegy
- Further develop and maintain Help The Needy website.
- Create innovative opportunities for communicating our work including events, sponsorship, lobbying and volunteers pools.

How does your charity ensure that its governance arrangements are appropriate and effective?

The charity is controlled by its governing document, Declaration of Trust, and is managed by a board of Trustees. The Trust declaration governs the appointment of the Trustees. There has been no changes in the composition of the trust group since the last election. The charity Trustees are responsible for the general control and management of the charity. They meet together on a regular basis to discuss and review and make decisions in relation to the running of the activities provided by the charity. To assist the smooth running of the charity, the Trustees are given more details of the charity's aims and activities and, if all agree, the process is undertaken with the view to advancement of these aims and objectives.



Our Vision is empower and enable vulnerable and disadvantaged women and children to sustain their livelihoods through means of shelter, food, primary healthcare and education.


Our Mission is to tackle poverty and bring a semblance of normality to the lives of or phans, widows, families who are affected by natural disaster and chronic poverty.


Our Values are reflection of our work and we believe that this is the best way to attain success in helping the vulnerable around the world.


We adopt a transparent mechanism to engage communities, beneficiaries, and key stakeholders to ensure our activities are a success. Transparency remains at the heart of our humanitarian and development work.


We have established an accountability framework with in the organisation, as well as in our projects.


We encourage productive achievement, to unleash the highest potential of all members of our team.


We demonstrate an innovative approach in all of our activities.