Help The needy Charitable Trust has grown significantly since it was first established in 1996.

We have strengthened our infrastructure, both in UK and overseas, and built the capacity of our staff to deliver life-changing projects.

We have also grown our partnerships in countries of operation. Our goal is to ensure the delivery of long-term, sustainable solutions and we remain committed to making a significant contribution to combating poverty and injustice worldwide.

With your generous support, our projects reach hundreds of thousands of vulnerable individuals and communities every year.

Help the Needy has supported families affected by natural disaster, providing life-saving shelter and other essential supplies during times of great need.

Our long term development programmes have supported communities to change their lives for the better, through opportunities for economic growth and vocational training .

As we reflect on the many achievements of the last year, we would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to all of our donors, implementing partners, team members and well-wishers for their continued support.

Help the Needy aims to continue its hard work and maximize the impact of its projects, creating sustainable solutions to help poor communities worldwide lift themselves out of poverty.

I hope you will find this website is encouraging and informative, and that you will continue to support Help The Needy Charitable Trust in the future.